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Vixian West
Vivian is playing in a scavenger hunt and needed to get a pair of boxers so she figured she could grab a pair from the guy next door with out him fiding out. As she was in his room he walked in to take a nap so she figured she could hide under the bed and not get caught. But after he feel asleep she had a sudden urge to try and fuck this guy while he was passed out. This guy must have been pretty tired because she ends up sucking and fucking this guys brains out.. See More Sleep Sins Girls...
Faye Valentine
Faye's boyfriend left her a note telling her he had to go back into work for a few hours and that his buddy Scott would be crashing on the couch because he got tosed out of his place by his girlfriend. Well Faye being the horny slut that she is grabs a magazine that Scott was looking at and gets instantly wet over it. So much that now she wants to have her way with Scott who's passed out in such a deep sleep nothings waking him up. See More Sleep Sins Girls...
Kissy Kapri
Kissy's boyfriend was suppose to meet her out by the pool, instead he fell asleep on this hot summer day. Kissy for some reason is intrigued by the idea of seeing if she could wake him up to have sex, he doesnt wake up however. Kissy becomes very curious if she can make his cock hard while he is asleep, she quickly finds out that she can. Kissy teases his cock with her tongue and her sexy mouth before sitting on his cock in numerous positions. Kissy doesnt care if he is sleeping or not she wants cock and is not going to be denied. After Kissy reaches orgasm she is curious if she can make a cock cum while it's sleeping, Kissy gets her wish and makes this cock cum, but not before she reaches satisfaction yet again. Once Kissy is done using his cock she leaves him there to find himself with a puddle of cum on him. See More Sleep Sins Girls...
Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna stops by Nick's house to return his sugar, when she see's that he is sleeping, not only is he sleeping but he is wearing boxers and the tip of his cock is hanging out. Adrianna needs to get to work but is excited about seeing if Nick's cock might be able to do her any good. Adrianna starts to play with Nick's cock and before you know it and even though he is fast asleep his cock starts to get rock hard. Adrianna is so arroused by this that she starts to suck Nick's cock and even sit's on Nick's cock, riding him until she cums all over his cock while he is sleeping. She is curious if she can make Nick's cock cum and begins to play with herself while she jerks Nick's cock off, Adrianna is surprised when Nick actually cum's while he is sleeping. Adrianna gets dressed and leaves without Nick even knowing she stopped by to return the sugar. See More Sleep Sins Girls...

You can tell by the deep sleep in that he thinks this is all one hot steamy dream, little does he this is really happening!
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